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Gallent women of my life.

It Sunday and the weekend is almost over. I have to go to the Swash Bucklers going away party and meet the rest of the gang. Life is sort of amusing at this point for me. I still cant get Stacey off my mind although it's not nearly as bad as Millie in my thoughts. Ive been reading a lot more then I have in a while. Last night was the full blue moon and I thought of Christina. I was thinking for the first time I think Christina put a spell on me to make me fall in love with her, although I dont think it really took that much for me to do so. Ive had 3 great loves in my life, Christina - my first, Elena- no one like I've ever meet in my life and then Stacey- the most caring. All three have something in common, probably the most beautiful ladies I have every seen in my entire life and also the most charming. I feel my self falling deeper and deeper in love with Millie, I see all the great loves in one women, its really sad...really. I love her and I know it's going to be difficult to do any thing with her (with her being married and all). BUt I cant seem to get her of my mind. I wake up in the morning with her first thing in my thoughts and then we see each other all day, just for me to talk about her all night and then fall asleep with her in my thoughts. I'm really confused about all of this, I cant seem to shake her. I dont think it would be that bad if it was only one sided, but it's not. SHe gives me this glares that I havent really got from any one else in my entire life, then she tells me she loves me and make me melt. My love life is really silly. I come home to myself and think my silly thoughts, but it's all about this one amazingly beautiful lady... Millie.
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