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The passivity is wearing thin.

My motion came true! My three day weekend that I was wishing for so enviously came, now I dont know what IM going to do. Isn't that funny, I wanted something so bad and now that I have it, I dont know what IM going to do with it. Such is the case with a lot of things in my life. wack.

Did I mention I will be moving apartments at the end of this month? It's right around the corner (literally) and around the same price range as my currant apartment. Although the new one has a washer/dryer (inside my very own apartment and it's brand spankin new too), dish washer and a lovely new double door/ice maker fridge (kitchen equipment totally turns me on, can you tell?). I'm stoked about moving, well not about the actual move, but the apartment. The 2-3 hour laundry mat excursions will become obsolete. Yay, I cant wait for that to happen.

So what else. It's Saturday morning, I'm drinking a cup of coffee, listening to Bob Marley, not working... can life get any better then this?

Im sure I'll write more later on today and this weekend, but I think I going to make some breakfast and possibly read or watch t.v.
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