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"A word to the wise" Sarah says "She's (meaning Molly) still talking about him (Seth)". I hear, talk, think more about Seth and "their" old relationship more then I think about just about anything else. I was being nice about being their for her, but really, Im not so sure about it. I want to tell her to only talk to her counselor about this issue, it can not be healthy to obsess about one particular person as much as she does and has been. I mean, it's come to the point where it's definitely an issue and it should be dealt with differently then the method has been taken. For gods sake, Sarah is giving me heads up to not talk to Molly because she doesnt want me to get trapped into another Seth conversation (which may be the 3rd-4th one today AND they last for hours long). I 'm just sitting here in my room nodding my head in complete disappointment, I expected more from her. She claims to be this up-rising feminist who doesnt take shit from any one, but when it comes to this particular issue, she is as weak as a baby lamb... I feel bad for her, but enough is enough, draw the line some where. Ive told her that she needs to get over it or at least except it, because its not going to work out. You know I would of felt differently about the entire situation if it were a relationship that was serious or involved, but the entire relationship lasted maybe four months! There were no "I love yous'", no "I think you are the one for me", no "we should really try to make it work no matter what happens", there were no nothings. And that's my reason for not having more patience. woo, now I feel relieve, maybe all she needs to do is write in her LJ too, I'll mention it to her.

I woke up this morning to go to a friends apartment to watch some cartoons that he Tivo'd. Came back home to talk to my father for a few hours on the phone, then made dinner for Sarah and I (well a pseudo dinner only because it was more of a late lunch). Other then that, I managed to do nothing for yet another day. I did conjure an idea that people should be some what like marsupials. Purses would become obsolete, every one would sport KangaRoo's and no one would have to worry about pick-pocketer. IM not sure how Im going to finagle that idea into reality, but I do think it is a grand idea indeed. So yes, Im am a little bored. Tomorrow is the Caribbean parade, Ive went every year Ive lived here, so I dont see why I wouldn't go this year. Any way, it would give me a excuse to do something rather then just sit around thinking of you know who.haha.

yes, another day. I think Im on my stride of writing in Lj again....
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