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I was so upset and busy yesterday that I forgot to buy the NY Times to read the dinning review. If youre a food nerd like I am, then to read the Times on a wednesday is normal. So what I missed was a four star restaurant review about PerSe (Thomas Keller). To all of you folks out their that dont know, now there are only 5 four star restaurants in Manhattan, BOULEY, DUCASSE, LE BERNARDIN, DANIEL and now (finally) PERSE. There are thousands of restaurants in NYC but very few get selected and deserve to be four stars! I actually have a friend that works their, IM going to have to call her up to congratulate her and her team.

In other news, today was another complete waste of a day. I mean I was extremely productive and busy at work, but I think the anger carried over from yesterday. I was so livid from yesterdays incident that I couldnt talk to "the woman" until half the day was over, then we went and to get lunch for me. By the time we were ready to leave, we managed (some how) to get into another argument just by the way I walk down the stairs (apparently too fast for her good).This women is so high maintenance that it almost doesnt even seem worth it to be friends. YOu know, IM the first to say I am a quiter and Im not ashamed to say that. I was not willing to work it out with Stacey (whom I loved dearly) and I wasnt willing to work it out with Elena (whom I loved more then I've ever loved any one) and to think that I wont quite on this lady... I wont even give it a second thought. She might be beautiful and clever, but that is certainly not enough to keep me around. She acts as though we are married (I swear she does), when in all reality we not even serious...were not anything of any significance (thats what I dont get). I really have this severe attraction issues towards hyper femme, beautiful, high maintenance women that should stop, because apparently they dont seem to work out. Tomorrow we have a date to hang out after work but I really dont think it will work out, I mean I cant even stand to be around this women for a half an hour much less a couple of hours alone...fuck that. yeah so thats that. Im not hanging out with her, lets see if I can actually stick to my guns with this plan... with my passive ass. This week has been horrible with her, and thats a for a lack of better words.
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