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Im the Queen of Procrastination.

SO now that this weekend is over, so is my drunken endeavor. I've realized a few things about my self and about my life this weekend and now I think it's time to continue on with my true'll be hard though. Ultimately I will never get the woman I covet, but I think I'm okay with it... I have to be. Another realization I came to this weekend is, I think Im ready to date again. It's been a year since Stacey and I have not been together and although I care for her, I think I can start to see if there is another women out their for me in my life (preferably one that is not married nor straight).

Ive put in my notice at work, letting them know that I will be looking for a new job soon. It's time for me to move on. I stayed at that particular job for all the wrong reasons and now that Ive realized whats happening in my life, it's no longer a place that I need to be at. I'm not gaining much knowledge and it's not that I make terrific money to compensate for it, so why not leave. In all honestly Im leaving because the lady told me she was leaving. I know I cant go in to the job and be content with my decision of staying their, if I were to. Also the reminder of her will be all too tragic for me, hence my departure. Over all it will be a positive move for me and it can only lead to more prosperous horizon. Im happy that I can now understand that, Im happy that I can grasp the concept of never getting the women I adore so much and ultimately Im happy with my self for dealing with it as well as I did. Granted it did take a lot of alcohol and a lot of late night conversations with my loved one for me to understand this... but all in all, this is hardy what I call a tragedy.

So yes, I will be moving apartments soon, I will have a new job and finally I can start going out to meet new women. Let the new season began!
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