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Days have pasted, motion have ran and feelings are high. It took nearly a week for me to feel 'alright', but now I do feel good. I looked at her today and thought to myself "we could be friends" but in all actuality, I know we couldnt be friends, although the thought of it makes me feel all that much better.
In other work news, I meet a new friend. It's far and few in between that I actually meet a girl that I dont find attractive (in a sexual way) and who's really cool AND into cooking the way that I am. This girl had me cracking up so hard that my side was hurting after the day was over.... good times were had.
Onto other news.... Since I am the queen of procrastination, I have not started to pack yet nor really really look for a new job. Granted I have spoke to various people about trying to get me into Grey Cafe, I havent went to try to get my self into their by my self. Some how I said "other news", but this is still work related. Argh, my life consist of nothing else but work! Perhaps I should join a cult or start making doll houses like I really want to (not that I actually want to join a cult). I totally want to start making doll house like I use to back in the day. Building something with my own hands and seeing the finished product gave me so much joy... I really need to get back into that.

Only one more useless day of work till I get my glorious two days off. woo-hoo!

Lesson of the day. Dont let one life situation predict your emotional state.
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