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Can I love her any more then I do?

I havent stopped drinking in days, I dont sleep nor eat and I hate whats going on in my life right now, but alas, such is life, I suppose. Of course she's married and I will ultimately never get her, but I feel so much better now that issues are clear...well sorta. I gave her a note the other day and well, everything went as expected... still very confusing. Ive talked to my father and brother about whats going on in my life and well, I still feel like shit. I know life will get more promising but for now my heart is breaking. I remember when Oliver told me that she would crush me, destroy me and break me, but I didnt want to listen to him at that time. I still dont want to hear it, although I cant hear anything else right now. At times I know exactly what Im doing, exactly what I want, exactly whats going on and then there are those moments when notions in space sleep with me. If you were only to know how deep your smile is, how hard your love is, how wild your passion is then....

If I could fly my kite right now, that would make me feel so much better.
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